Méditation Native

Life, Love & Nature

1. Bright Season
2. Walk Between the Rain Drops
3. Flying Eagle
4. Wind from the West
5. Rising Sun, Setting Moon
6. Ancient One
7. Crescent Moon in the Desert
8. Canyon Echo
9. Endless Journey
10. Dawn
11. Red Moon
12. Morning Mist
13. New Beginning
14. Rainbow Shower from Heaven
15. And Life Goes On

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"Naomi Littletree a grandi en pleine nature, dans une grande ferme entourée d'animaux. Durant toute son enfance, elle a fait l'expérience directe avec son environnement et tout ce qui l'entoure. Elle a appris par elle-même à comprendre les cycles naturels de la vie qui font partie intégrante aujourd'hui de son quotidien et de sa vision du monde. Sa connexion, ce lien indissociable qui la relie avec les arbres, les fleurs, les animaux et toute la Création est représenté dans chacune de ses compositions...Laissez vous partir..."

SPIRIT MAIDEN                       25.00

1. Shaman's Dream
2. Sky Dive
3. Nuwati - Flow of Life Energy
4. Eagle's Cry
5. Freedom Dance
6. Eagle & the Condor
7. Heart of America
8. Rebeca's Song
9. Lonesome Rider
10. Island Groove
11. Spirit Maiden
12. La Lechera

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Various styles of flutes used over the years have had dramatic musical influences throughout the Americas. This song collection is a blend of the North American Native flute and the melodic, ethnic influences of South America. Michael Folkert’s flute compositions are a beautiful compliment to the Sixto’s South American cultural rhythms. These songs merge naturally and speak of the longstanding connection and cultural exchanges between North and South America.

Ancient Visions

1. Sun Circle
2. Song of the River
3. Canyon Echos
4. Shaman's Dream
5. Spirits of the Past
6. Ancient Visions
7. Rhythm of the Heart
8. Wind & Stone
9. This Sacred Land

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Ah Nee Mah is a side project of prolific producers David and Diane Arkenstone, who explore the sounds of the Native Southwest within the context of mellow ambient atmospheres. Their first few albums under the moniker proved to be pleasant, earthy affairs, conjuring up visions of canyons and dusty plateaus; ANCIENT VISIONS continues down that same road. The Arkenstones' mutual flair for semi-dramatic, colorful melodies is evident on each of the album's nine tracks, often featuring Native flute in the forefront while light rhythm, guitar, symphonic synths and natural sound effects (wind, animal sounds) dance in the backdrop. Each of the cuts meld together to form a cohesive whole, enveloping the listener in an hour's worth of ethereal, relaxed music flecked with the haunting sounds of America's indigenous peoples.

Spirit of the Canyon

1. Light from the East
2. Voices of the Wind
3. Echoes of Time
4. River Journey
5. Ancient Spirits
6. Stormlight
7. Rainbow Canyon
8. Firefall
9. Night Voices
10. Canyon Dreams

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This enthralling release is a musical exploration of one of the world's greatest natural landmarks. Anima melds Native flutes, drums and strings with the sounds of the Grand Canyon to create ten tracks that celebrate the splendor of this awe-inspiring place. SPIRIT OF THE CANYON is a living soundscape that uses rhythm and melody to express the amazing beauty of the Grand Canyon at dawn, at sunset, late at night and in the throes of a thunderstorm. The canyon's colors, its echoes and the lingering spirits of the first people to settle there are also honored. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this recording goes to the Grand Canyon Association.

Mesa Verde

1. Flight of The Raven 6:19
2. Spirit Dance 6:04
3. The Painted Cave 7:24
4. The Watchtower 5:49
5. Winds of Time 3:58
6. Sacred Ground 5:22
7. Stories in The Stone 5:47
8. Palace in The Cliffs 4:40
9. Kiva Ceremony 5:32
10. Shadows of The Centuries 6:47

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This captivating recording blends Native flutes and drums, guitars, nature sounds and rich ambient atmospheres to paint an evocative musical portrait of Mesa Verde, a spellbinding landmark of an ancient culture. The ten original tracks offer a respectful tribute to the prehistoric peoples who crafted these fantastic cliff dwellings and reflect the mysterious and fascinating spirit of the area. Weaving beautifully haunting melody with hypnotic rhythm, Diane Arkenstone, Seth Osburn, John Wakefield and David Arkenstone invite you to embrace the past as you explore "The Painted Cave," "The Watchtower," "Stories in the Stone" and "Shadows of the Centuries."

The Grand Circle

1. The Red Tower 5:30
2. Cliff Palace 5:45
3. Wind and Water 4:10
4. Sacred Spirits 5:09
5. River of Creation 5:39
6. Stones Against the Sky 6:00
7. The Colors of Time 5:23
8. House of the Spirit 5:57
9. Mountain of the Sun 4:48
10. The Enchanted Valley 6:13

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The Grand Circle" is an area of the Southwestern United States famous for its high concentration of national parks and monuments. Producers David and Diane Arkenstone chose this beautiful, earthy area as the inspiration for their latest album under the guise Ah-Nee-Ma. THE GRAND CIRCLE features the sounds of resonant flutes, dramatic drumbeats, percussive textures, synthesized mood and light guitar, brought together to form a dynamic Native-influenced sound. Among the album's highlights are "River of Creation," which incorporates unique flowing synthesizer sounds throughout, and "The Colors of Time," a reflective whose main melody is performed on cello.

Ancient Voices

1. Ceremony
2. Dream Catcher
3. Sacred Fire
4. Storyteller
5. White Feather
6. Eagle's Path
7. Precious Waters
8. Tower of Stone
9. Ancient Voices

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The spirits of the past echo into the future with ANCIENT VOICES. Ah Nee Ma (formerly Anima) presents an enchanting blend of Native instrumentation and world textures inspired by ancient cultures of the Southwest. Ah Nee Ma is a project of David and Diane Arkenstone, who provide the sounds of keyboards and flute respectively, along with Tom Torre on violin and guitar, David Kaplan on drums/percussion and Seth Osburn with additional keyboard and percussion accompaniment. The music, while Native-influenced, is also highly ambient and somewhat moody, creating an environment that is both rich and filled with emotion.